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When Seniors Suddenly Lose Their Legal Rights

A recent article in The New Yorker reveals, with unprecedented detail, just how easy it is for senior citizens to lose their legal rights – and control over their lives. The article centers on the issue of guardianship, wherein one individual (the “guardian”) is granted court-sanctioned authority over another individual (the “ward”)’s financial and personal matters.


How does the Fifth Amendment apply to me?

Question: I see all the time on cop shows how they “read people their rights.” What exactly does that mean? Don’t cops have to read you your rights if they are going to arrest you?

Answer: What a great question—too many people don’t know what their rights are. It’s important to be informed. We often hear on television or in the movies that “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be sued against you.” The law requires this statement whenever a person is arrested.

Florida revises law on involuntary child psychiatric evaluations

Suicide prevention has been a focus in recent years, as is preventing the type of mass shootings that appear all-too frequently on the news across the country.

In order to protect the public interest, Florida's Baker Act allows courts to order involuntary psychiatric examinations. These evaluations temporarily remove children perceived to be a danger to themselves or others and provides them a full psychiatric evaluation to determine if there are any mental health issues.

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