Criminal Defense That Protects Your Rights Under The Constitution

The criminal justice system seeks convictions. Without outstanding legal representation, your rights may be violated — with devastating consequences to your life, family and job opportunities. When this much is at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney you can trust.

At Levine & Susaneck, PA, we vigorously defend clients facing a variety of serious criminal charges in state or federal court and at the misdemeanor or felony level. Fredrick Susaneck is a highly regarded trial attorney who will aggressively defend your rights throughout the process and in trial, if needed.

We Not Only Understand Criminal Law — We Have Helped Shape It

In over 25 years of legal practice, criminal defense attorney Fredrick Susaneck has represented individuals facing serious state and federal criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, he understands firsthand the way prosecutors approach criminal cases and how best to defend against them.

The numerous benefits of hiring Levine & Susaneck, PA, for your legal defense needs include:

  • A former prosecutor and division chief on your side. Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Susaneck was an Assistant State Attorney for the 15th Judicial Circuit for six years who became the Felony Division Chief.
  • A lawyer who wrote the book on DUI defense. Mr. Susaneck has lectured for members of the Florida Bar about the law and practice of DUI defense, and written for the DUI Journal.
  • A serious lawyer for serious charges. Mr. Susaneck has experience in high-stakes criminal cases where everything is on the line. He has had clients charged with first-degree capital murder found "not guilty" of any charge.
  • An attorney who has changed the law. Mr. Susaneck's courtroom advocacy in trial and at the appellate level has caused changes to the law and changes to the practices of police departments statewide.

State And Federal Criminal Defense

Fredrick Susaneck has over 25 years' experience defending against a wide array of criminal charges in both state and federal courts, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI), including drunk driving cases involving manslaughter and other complicating factors
  • Drug crimes, including simple possession, trafficking and conspiracy
  • White collar offenses such as fraud, embezzlement, federal financial crimes and crimes involving the internet
  • Sex crimes such as sexual assault, battery, statutory rape, lewd behavior and other crimes
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Robbery and other property crimes
  • Arson
  • Homicide/murder and other violent types of crimes
  • Death penalty cases
  • Criminal appeals, including cases before the Florida Supreme Court

Your Attorney Can Make A Difference.

You can reach us by calling 561-820-2967. Get peace of mind by hiring an experienced, tough and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer today. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, we offer free initial consultations. If you prefer, you can also reach us online.

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