What Is A Special Needs Trust?

Of special concern to our law practice is our desire to help families protect and provide for family members who are disabled, dependent or mentally ill. One way to do so is with a special needs trust.

A special needs trust protects a disabled individual's ability to receive Medicare, Medicaid, SSDI benefits, SSI benefits and other disability and medical benefits. Through a special needs trust, family members can be assured that their loved ones have a financial safety net in addition to government benefits.

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Protecting Your Loved One's Assets And Best Interests

Donna P. Levine, Attorney at Law, assists parents, grandparents and other interested parties in the creation of special needs trusts to protect and provide for beneficiaries with developmental or physical disabilities.

A special needs trust protects an individual's ability to receive public benefits while allowing them to use the trust funds to pay for additional costs, goods and services. Without a special needs trust fund, an individual with a permanent disability may not be able to receive the maximum government benefit.

For a parent of a disabled child, the cost of creating a special needs trust may be tax deductible.

Attorney Donna Levine assists clients in reviewing and drafting special needs trusts. Our firm can help determine if your loved one is eligible for a special needs trust and can explain in detail the types of benefits it may be possible to provide, such as:

  • Better health care benefits
  • Private educational services
  • Higher-quality rehabilitation services
  • Higher-quality housing options

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