We Help Protect Vulnerable Individuals

A guardianship allows a trusted individual to manage the legal and financial affairs of someone who can no longer do so. When establishing a guardianship, the probate court will seek to determine mental capacity or whether an individual is incapable of carrying out the daily business of his or her own life. Guardianships are often necessary so that loved ones are in the best legal position to care and protect their vulnerable family member.

At Levine & Susaneck, PA, we are a leading Florida law firm on guardianship matters. Other attorneys often ask Donna P. Levine for guidance on complex guardianship issues, and many of our cases are referrals. In addition to over 25 years' experience in guardianship cases, she has served as the Domestic Relations Commissioner General Master for the state of Florida and lectured and written on guardianship matters extensively.

With You From Beginning To End

Once guardianship has been determined, a guardian must comply with all of the Florida statutes and reporting requirements. We continue to represent our clients throughout the course of their guardianship and advise them of any compliance issues. Our goal is to provide you with the guidance you need throughout your case, which is why we answer your questions and see your case through to its conclusion.

Proper Planning Can Avoid Obstacles

We also help individuals to plan for a time when they may become incapacitated through the execution of a durable power of attorney and the creation of a special needs trust, designating full or limited power to a chosen, trusted individual as the person wishes. If you are concerned about your physical and financial future, you need the legal support of an experienced guardianship attorney to listen to your concerns and assist you in drafting a long-term estate plan that will meet your needs.

A Trial Attorney On Your Side

Although we seek to arrive at solutions without the need for litigation, sometimes it becomes necessary. Attorney Levine is confident in the courtroom, providing tenacious advocacy on behalf of her clients and their rights.

In addition, her experience and past successes in the courtroom provide unique insight into how to properly create and manage guardianships to avoid future disputes.

Power Of Attorney Representation

If you are concerned about the physical or financial safety and well-being of a disabled or elderly loved one, speak with a confident, compassionate Florida guardianship attorney. Likewise, if you are concerned about your ability to care for your own needs, we can help you make arrangements to care for your individual health and safety.

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