We Can Help Resolve Guardianship Disputes

If your loved one is struggling to manage their personal or financial affairs, it may be time to name a legal guardian who can act in their best interests. This can be a highly emotional time, especially when family members conflict over how much autonomy their grandparent or parent should be given. Families can quickly get entangled in bitter guardianship disputes.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults For 25 Years

Attorney Donna P. Levine has more than 25 years of experience handling guardianship disputes throughout West Palm Beach County. She understands the raw emotions that can lead to bitter disputes. Ms. Levine works relentlessly to make sure the right safeguards are in place to protect vulnerable adults. She will apply her years of experience and legal skills to protect your loved one's best interests. Contact our West Palm Beach guardianship attorney today for an initial consultation in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Experienced In Handling Guardianship Disputes

Guardianship disputes can be highly complicated, especially when both sides believe they are focused on protecting their loved one's best interests. Family members may believe a guardianship is unnecessary. Other family members may believe the current guardian has overstepped themselves or even breached their fiduciary duty. Probate attorney Donna P. Levine will take the time to understand all the factors involved that have led to a divide in your family.

She will work relentlessly to help you obtain a favorable resolution focused on protecting your loved one's best interests. Ms. Levine will begin developing a case with testimony from relatives, neighbors and caregivers who can provide a window into the relationship between your loved one and his or her guardian. She takes her work a step further by validating claims with expert testimony.

If you believe your loved one was financially exploited, Ms. Levine can consult forensic accountants to trace how their financial affairs were handled. She may also work with medical experts to testify if your loved one has been put at risk. Every guardianship dispute is fact-specific. Attorney Donna P. Levine has the resources to develop the best strategy possible to protect your loved one's best interests.

Contact A Skilled Mental Competency Legal Advocate

If you are questioning the terms of a guardianship, the best investment you can make is to work with a highly skilled advocate. Attorney Donna P. Levine has extensive experience in mental health law and knows how to help you protect your loved one's best interests. Contact her law firm today for an initial consultation in Palm Beach County, Florida: 561-820-2967.