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Does getting married in your 20s lead to divorce?

You may have heard that getting married young often leads to divorce. In many cases, this refers to people who got married when they were in their teens. Maybe they had their parents' legal permission at a young age or maybe they got married at 18, as soon as they graduated from high school and wanted to start a life of their own.

To this end, many people assume that at least waiting until you are in your 20s is long enough. They think that will insulate them from the high divorce risks. But is it still too early? Should they have waited until they were in their 30s? Do a lot of people get married in their 20s still feel like they move quickly toward a relatively young divorce?

20 to 29

It does happen. To look into it, one study asked people who got married from 20 to 29 how they felt about their relationships. Here are some of the responses that they got:

  • 17% of those in the study claimed they regretted getting married at all.
  • 17% also said that they wanted -- or had wanted, at some point in their marriages -- to get divorced.
  • 19% claimed that they had at least considered being unfaithful to the marriage and cheating on their partner.
  • 52% said that their spouse said or did something to make them cry in the previous three months. Not only is that a majority of all who responded, but 25 of male respondents were also in this number, showing that it impacts both genders.

What this study suggests is that a significant number of people who got married in their 20s are not actually happy with that marriage. They want to end it. Is the problem that they got married too early? Do they regret setting out on a path that they can no longer change as easily?

After all, these young people were used to dating relationships before getting married. Even a long-term dating relationship can end in a few minutes, with a simple conversation. They don't have to think about dividing assets or deciding what to do with their children or figuring out what paperwork they needed to use to file for divorce.

It could be that getting married felt right at the time but then became overwhelming when they realized how committed they were and how they would have to take more drastic steps to end that relationship.

Your rights

If you do end up getting divorced, regardless of your age or of how long you have been married, make sure that you are well aware of all of your rights and the legal steps you need to take.

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