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Can I Relocate With My Child?

In today’s increasingly mobile world, planning for the increasing possibility of an out-of-state move in a divorce has become a critical issue. Relocation statutes recently enacted in Florida — to protect a parent against a spouse who flees the state with a child — have unintentionally and thoroughly impacted parents and others who choose to relocate whether they are going through a divorce or are still married.

The law office of Donna P. Levine provides skilled, attentive legal guidance and representation to clients in Florida and out of state, to address the complex issues involved with interstate family law matters and other multi-state legal issues.

When you need a skilled, compassionate lawyer with the knowledge to help you resolve an out-of-state move that protects your best interests and those of your children, contact our West Palm Beach law office today.

Interstate Child Support and Child Custody

Parents who divorce or separate often move back to other states where families and support systems exist. Unfortunately, that now involves understanding and dealing with current legal notification requirements and how to avoid potential litigation issues upfront. Knowing where and how you are going to live when seeking a divorce can have a huge impact on child custody and child support.

With an extensive background dealing with modification and enforcement of parenting issues, lawyer Levine knows how to help clients successfully resolve interstate child custody, visitation or support matters when a spouse attempts to prevent a lawful move out of state, or when a spouse who has moved away refuses to pay an established support obligation.

In addition to multi-state problems where at least two states can issue support orders that impact a family, a parent may also have to deal with legal complications involving relocation outside of the country. We offer experienced advice and representation so our clients understand all they need to know to successfully handle the important interstate or multi-country issues for the benefit of themselves and their child.

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Multi-State Considerations in Probate and Estate Administration

Multi-state issues can also arise in probate and estate administration matters where a deceased’s Florida estate must be addressed by beneficiaries who live in another state. We also assist these clients who often require local legal counsel in order to track down information regarding their interests in the estate, especially in legal actions resulting from possible undue influence, coercion or other exploitation of a vulnerable person.

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If you are facing a difficult relocation before or during a divorce, you are having difficulty collecting on out-of-state support, or need help with another multi-state or multi-country matter, contact the law office of Donna P. Levine to discuss your individual legal needs with a committed legal advocate.

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