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Establishing Comprehensive Estate Plans for 25 Years

An estate plan tailored to your circumstances can provide peace of mind and leave hard-earned assets to beneficiaries who need them most. Levine & Susaneck, PA, has been providing meticulously created estate plans to clients for decades.

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Palm Beach County Estate Planning Attorney

Many people put off establishing estate plans thinking they have more pressing issues to address. Time can quickly get away from people who have the best of intentions to create an estate plan at some point. When the unexpected happens, families are left guessing what their loved one would have wanted. This can lead to bitter probate disputes.

Attorney Donna P. Levine is committed to helping you establish a clear plan that eliminates confusion over what you want. She has more than 25 years of experience offering customized planning services throughout Palm Beach County and Florida, yet she will not make assumptions about what would make sense for your estate plan. Ms. Levine will work with you to develop an estate plan that reflects your wishes and the goals you have for your family. Contact our West Palm Beach estate planning lawyer to learn how she can help you clearly define your wishes and avoid confusion down the road.

Offering Estate Planning Services That Meet Your Needs

Many people avoid thinking about the end of their lives and in return hold off on establishing an estate plan. However, creating an estate plan can prove to be an invaluable step for you and your loved ones. Through an estate plan, you can define how you would like to be treated in the event you become incapacitated or unable to handle your financial affairs.

You can also document how your finances should be distributed and who should care for your minor children based on an unforeseeable circumstance. Attorney Donna P. Levine can work with you to develop a simple or comprehensive estate plan based on your needs. This may include:

A will

Establishing a will is a fundamental part of estate planning. You can define how your property should be distributed after you pass away. You can also name a legal guardian in your will for your minor children. Ms. Levine will take the time to help you establish an estate plan reflective of your current and long-term goals.

A trust

You can create a trust that allows you to name a trustee responsible for managing your assets that have been set aside for an heir or beneficiary. Ms. Levine can work with you to establish a wide range of trusts based on your financial plans.

Advance health care directives

In the event you become incapacitated, an advance health care directive can prevent your family from guessing what type of medical care you would want to be given. This can also avoid the potential for bitter family disputes. Attorney Donna P. Levine has extensive experience in mental health law and will make sure your best interests are protected.

Need Power of Attorney Representation?

If you are concerned about the physical or financial safety and well-being of a disabled or elderly loved one, speak with a confident, compassionate Florida guardianship attorney. Likewise, if you are concerned about your ability to care for your own needs, we can help you make arrangements to care for your individual health and safety. Contact Donna P. Levine today in Palm Beach County, Florida, to discuss establishing a power of attorney.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

The right lawyer can help you establish an estate plan that avoids ambiguity with your wishes clearly defined. This has been attorney Donna P. Levine’s focus for years. Contact the law firm of Levine & Susaneck, PA, today for an initial consultation in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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