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Get a Will that Takes Your Goals and Circumstances Into Account

Many people avoid creating a will. It can be difficult to plan what will happen when you are gone. However, a will is a vital financial and legal document that can reduce conflict among family members and ensure that your hard-earned money goes to where it is needed most.

But not all wills are the same. You have built up unique assets. Your family is not like any other. That is why your estate plan, including your will, should be tailored to you.

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Leveraging Decades Of Experience

For over 25 years, Levine & Susaneck, PA, has been helping individuals provide for their families and beneficiaries through comprehensive and meticulously drafted wills. We tailor your will to your unique circumstances, taking into account your goals and financial situation. Our attorneys listen carefully to you, and we are ready to answer your questions fully.

Creating a will does not have to be a painful process. From years of experience, we are able to efficiently and effectively craft a will that meets your needs, without undue delays or expense. Contact the Palm Beach County estate planning firm of Levine & Susaneck, PA, to get started today.

Living Wills

Our estate planning attorneys also focus on the creation of living wills, also known as health care directives. Living wills are vital documents that can protect your health care and financial situation if you are no longer able to state your wishes.

A living will is an immense help to loved ones if you need them to make health care decisions on your behalf.

Get Started on Your Will

We are ready to answer your questions and start you on the path to an estate plan that can give you peace of mind and provide for loved ones. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer, or reach us online. We are located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and represent clients statewide.

Schedule Your Consultation Today