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Protecting Against Elder Abuse

It is a sad reality that the elderly, disabled, mentally incapacitated, mentally ill and children can be vulnerable to manipulation, abuse and neglect. Elder abuse, theft and physical neglect are all examples of exploitation that our loved ones may fall victim to under the wrong care.

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Offering Legal Protection for the Vulnerable Individuals

At the law office of Donna P. Levine, in West Palm Beach, Florida, we are committed to protecting vulnerable individuals against those atrocities and bringing charges against those who exploit them. We have been doing this for more than 25 years. Contact us today for a consultation, if you have concerns about the health or safety of a vulnerable adult, senior or child. We can help.

A Special Needs Trust Can Protect Your Loved One

We relentlessly promote the rights of vulnerable individuals who have been abused, neglected or exploited by a caregiver, guardian, friend or family member. We have advocated on behalf of vulnerable individuals who have fallen victim to predators who open accounts, credit cards or take financial action in the name of an incapacitated individual in order to exploit them.

Often, we will advise friends and family members on the creation of special needs trusts to ensure their vulnerable loved one is properly cared for, without affecting that individual’s eligibility for public aid. We will monitor how this money is used in order to protect your loved one against financial exploitation.

Experienced and Tenacious Legal Advocate

Attorney Donna P. Levine has extensive experience protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals. She was formerly the head of a social work agency and a family counseling and children’s protective agency. In her position as a domestic relations commissioner general master, Ms. Levine also effectively served as a judge in matters of family law, guardianships and mental health law. She acted as an emergency temporary guardian to individuals who have been exploited in an attempt to restore that which has been unlawfully taken from them.

Attorney Donna P. Levine is relentless in advocating to protect vulnerable individuals. She does this in several ways, such as:

  • Creating special needs trusts
  • Monitoring special needs trusts against financial exploitation
  • Pursuing charges against physical, emotional or financial predators

Ms. Levine is highly regarded as an effective, tenacious litigator with extensive knowledge of the case law and statutes applicable to these matters.

Contact a Skilled Special Needs Trust Lawyer Serving Boca Raton

We are committed to promoting a system that enables vulnerable individuals to participate in decisions that affect their well-being while at the same time protecting them. If you are concerned about the physical, emotional or financial health and safety of a vulnerable individual, we can help. Contact our law office today to discuss your individual legal needs during an initial consultation with an attentive, compassionate and committed client advocate.

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